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Become a PopPay wallet retailer and earn lucrative commissions on every recharge made in an easy manner.


Top- up can be done by providing the mobile number registered and the amount, from the seller’s available amount balance.

Transaction Repport

The overall transactions done by the seller to the customer will be listed & seller can filter the data’s based on the week, month

Sales History

List of recharge done by the seller from PopPay is mentioned here and seller can use the date picker to view the sales report.

Entire control and insight of your Agent with PopPay

Do business, transactions with PopPay customer and access reports.

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Know about popcoins

Pop coins are sponsored coins which will be offered to all consumers by local merchants as forms of incentives. These incentives can be utilized as a more contemporary alternative to traditional forms of promotions, such as, discounts and coupons. This will allow consumers to gain back partial value of their purchase in pop coins.

Know about Developer API

Pop Pay's solutions built with developers in mind. An inclusive suite of well documented APIs, Plug-ins & easy to integrate.